White-lined Sphinx moth aka "Hummingbird moth"
(Hyles lineata (Fabricius))

These moths whir like humming birds and can be found in gardens at flowers at dusk or darkness. They are attracted to artificial light. The larval food plants are diverse: including portulaca, chickweed, fireweed, four o'clock, apple and pear, plum, grape and forage plants such as buckwheat. They range throughout North America except for the far north. They have a wingspan of 65 to 90 mm and show a pink band on the abdomen and alternating black and white patches. They are in flight from April to October.

- Thanks to the Royal BC Museum, Victoria, B.C.
exceptionally good site covering this species can be found at http://www.silkmoths.bizland.com/hlinelin.htm

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