Campground Layout and Trails

Many people who just drive into our campground after seeing the signs on the highway, don't realize just how large the campground is! That's because of the layout. When you first drive in, it looks like it's not very large, because of the bend in the valley about a third of the way from the entrance.

We own 80 acres of land, set half a mile away from the main highway. The lots are located in a valley on the property, and are well protected from both the wind, and the noise of the highway. I can't tell you how many times I've been told, "This is the most peaceful campground I've ever stayed in!"

Many campgrounds are built right beside a highway, or a railway track! (Sound familiar?) Highway 93/95 is a major highway, with large 'chip' trucks running north and south, day and night. You will appreciate the distance from the highway, while listening to the sounds of crickets and frogs in the evening, as opposed to trucks and cars speeding past!

The road leading into our place, is called Kelly Road, and it's paved all the way to our driveway. I've placed two photos here, to show you how it's laid out. The camping area is at the north end of the property, leaving 63 acres of trails and off-leash area for your pets! Lots of exploring to do!