Whitetail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

This Whitetail doe frequently visits the campground, usually just at dusk. She has had a number of fawns over the years, and in the summer of 2002, she raised twin fawns! While she is easily startled, quiet, non-threatening movement allows close-up photos like this one. I've copied some great information for you to read, from the web site I've quoted at the bottom of this page.
"The deer's sense of smell, hearing and eyesight are all highly developed - thus allowing the animal to be warned early of approaching danger. Deer are extremely agile and can move with great speed through forested areas, bounding over obstacles. The whitetail intersperses its loping gallop with occasional high and long leaps and has been known to clear an 8-foot fence with a single bound. When alarmed, whitetail deer, will generally run for at least 1/4-mile before stopping. This characteristic makes the whitetail a more difficult quarry. Whitetail will also 'double back' to escape hunters and natural predators, and can 'sneak' past a hunter in quite a limited space."

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